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Do you need a new furnace, new air conditioner, or a comprehensive, all-in-one new HVAC system for your Smyrna or Nolensville home, business, or rental property? Is your current system an older, patched-together one?

If so, Southern Air & Electric would be delighted to install all-new heating and cooling equipment. Ask us about a new Trane unit—whether it’s an individual furnace, AC unit, heat pump, or packaged system.

Yep, you can text us for a quick quote! We’ll ask you questions and schedule a time to confirm your service request. 

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HVAC Equipment We Sell and Install

Southern Air & Electric is happy to partners with Trane Technologies. Trane is a well-known manufacturer of quality heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. They also make building-management systems and controls. Trane products are known for their operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In other words, they last a long time and can save you money on energy bills.

New Air Conditioners

When it comes to new air conditioners, some of the new Trane units offer a great value, with comparably low costs and good SEER (efficiency) ratings). A few of their new AC units are Energy Star Qualified.

Are efficiency and energy savings your priority, though? Then select from the Trane units with SEER ratings up to 22, which is currently the highest available in this category

New Furnaces

If you’re interested in a traditional furnace, Trane also provides gas furnaces with AFUE ratings in the high 90% range. One of these would make a great complement to a Trane AC unit. And if you want both heating and cooling systems in one package, consider a Trane unit that provides various combinations of equipment and fuel types.

Heat Pumps

One such option is a Trane heat pump. Heat pumps enjoy growing popularity these days, especially in a temperate climate, like ours, with fairly mild winters and hot summers. Heat pumps have established a reputation for their flexibility, and many are energy-efficient. Heat pumps function as air conditioners when it’s hot and heaters in colder weather.

Southern Air & Electric wants to address all your home or business energy needs. So we also offer and install thermostats, air cleaners, humidifiers, air handlers, and other equipment for your new HVAC set-up.

Why Buy New HVAC Equipment?

You might wonder why purchasing new HVAC components or an entirely new HVAC system might be a better choice than repairing the existing one. If you have a more recent system in your home, repair might be the better solution. But if your current system is older and needs more and more repair, then it’s time to think about replacing one or more of its components.

You will spend far more time and money maintaining an old HVAC system than a newer one. A brand–new system ordinarily functions well with only one annual maintenance visit. So think about buying a new system now rather than waiting until you need an emergency replacement. It will ease your mind and reduce the cost of maintaining your system by quite a lot!

Our Process for Installing New HVAC Equipment

Are you considering a replacement or upgrade to your home cooling system? At Southern Air & Electric, we help our customers make informed choices by explaining how they can save on utility bills while cooling their homes economically.

Scheduling a new HVAC consultation is easy. Simply go to our contact page and choose one of the available times that is most convenient for you. When we visit your home, we’ll assess things like your home size and spatial configuration. Then we’ll advise you on which Trane units or packages will best meet your needs.

When it’s time for the new HVAC installation, we will explain what’s happening at every stage. So feel free to ask us questions along the way! And, even though the installation might take more than one day, we will never leave without cleaning up the installation area. You can move about your home as you ordinarily would if we weren’t working there.

When we’re finished, we’ll go over the system’s operation and leave you with all the instruction booklets. And, of course, we don’t consider any job complete until you have looked over our work and asked any remaining questions.

You will spend far more time and money maintaining an old HVAC system than a newer one. A brand–new system ordinarily functions well with only one annual maintenance visit. So think about buying a new system now rather than waiting until you need an emergency replacement. It will ease your mind and reduce the cost of maintaining your system by quite a lot!

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Installing Your New Unit


For a 10% discount on your service cost.

When you’re ready to work with our team all you need to do is reach out to us via phone, email, or contact form. We make sure to answer you as fast as possible so that we can get you set up and taken care of. And, no matter how you choose to contact us, we promise to get you a consultation so that we can set you up with the ceiling fan you need.

During your consultation, we’ll write up a quote for services for you. Our team prides itself on transparency which is why we make sure to let you know of any and all costs upfront. We’ll never surprise you with hidden fees or additional costs after the fact, helping you to keep your ceiling fan installation quote to a minimum. 

After you’ve signed off on your estimate, we’ll head out to your location to get your new unit installed. Our team makes sure to bring supplies to ensure that your home stays clean even while we get to work on your new unit installation. And, we get things installed and cleaned up as fast as possible so that you can take advantage of your new appliance!

Once your new unit is installed, we’ll follow up with you to make sure that everything is in good working order. If you have any issues or questions all you need to do is let us know and we’ll get you taken care of. After all, we’re not satisfied unless you are!

Serving South Nashville, Nolensville and Murfreesboro, TN

With 26 years in business and over 250 units installed, you can trust our technicians to help you make the best decision. In fact, Scott, the owner, has been working as a home heating and cooling technician for over 37 years in Middle Tennessee. People around here think of him as their “go-to” person for all their HVAC needs.

Southern Air & Electric has very reasonable rates. We also offer extra services to customers that go beyond those of our competitors. For example, we help you maximize the life of your unit by giving you occasional reminders to change air filters, clean ducts and service your home systems. Thus, it’s easier for you to save on maintenance and emergency repairs.

We also offer free duct cleaning with every new system purchased. Imagine breathing in dust and other debris from your ducts as soon as your new system is up and running. Allowing that to happen would be poor business practice on our part!

Let Us Help You Find Your New HVAC System

Are you’re looking for a completely new HVAC system or a self-contained new AC unit? The experienced technicians at Southern Air & Electric will be there to guide you through the process of selecting, buying, and installing your new HVAC components or complete system.

We guarantee our top-quality work. So, with this promise and one of Trane’s excellent warranties, you do not need to worry about any aspect of your new HVAC components or system. Learn more about us and how we approach our work by scheduling a consultation at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to meeting our new clients and seeing our existing ones again!