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Home heating not working? House too cold? Southern Air & Electric helps residents in Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee quickly fix residential heating problems.

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Heating issues in your home? We've got you.

Efficient home heating is a critical component to enjoying the comfort of your home. Southern Air & Electric helps you stay warm by quickly diagnosing and fixing home heating problems, including propane, natural gas furnaces, dual fuel systems, heat pumps, water-sourced heat pumps, and apollo systems. 

Heating on but still too cold?

Your heating system might be under powered or need a tune up, depending on whether it is a centralized air system, such as a heat pump, propane and natural gas heating system. It’s important to get under powered heating systems diagnosed by a residential heating technician, as other problems can arise in the home, such as frozen or bursting pipes. 

home heating system maintenance

Does your home system need maintenance? Industry professionals recommend getting residential heating systems serviced every 12 months, even without issues. Routine tune ups help preserve the life of the unit and save you money in the long run. 

Energy efficient heating systems

Considering a replacement or upgrade to your home heating system? We help customers make an informed choice so that they can save on utility bills and economically heat their home. We offer free duct cleaning with every new system purchased.

heating system repair

Is your heating system broken? Thermostat on but no hot air? There are many different components in a heating system. Common causes of a broken heating system include blown fuses, bad thermostat, and clogged return air filters. You should quickly get a heating technician to your home to diagnose your issue, as heating issues left unattended can wreak havoc on a home.

Scott - Owner of Southern Air & Electric

Meet Scott. Scott Helps people in trouble.

Scott has been working as a home heating & cooling technician for over 37 years in middle, Tennessee. When he isn’t helping families maintain their home’s comfort, he’s spending time with his family.

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