Electrical Wiring for Home Additions

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We’re an electrical team that gets you set up with the correct wiring for home additions and remodels. Work with a team that you can count on to keep your electrical systems working the way they should.

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Wire Your Home Additions and Remodels the Right Way

Electrical wiring is complicated. In fact, when done incorrectly, it can lead to crossed lines and dangerous wiring issues. And, after a home remodel or installation, getting electrical wiring set up in your new space is essential. That way, you can keep the lights on and enjoy other appliances in your new spaces!

Rather than trying to DIY your electrical wiring in a new home remodel and risking fire hazards or malfunctions, the team at Southern Air & Electric can help. We’re a team of HVAC and electrical contractors in the Smyrna and Nolensville, Tennessee, areas who know how to correctly wire your home after an addition or remodel.

Are you ready to make sure that your home’s new spaces are well-lit and plugged in? Reach out to our team, and we’ll get to work making sure that you can fully enjoy and take advantage of the new parts of your home!

High-Quality Electrical Wiring from a Professional Team

Getting electrical wiring set up shouldn’t be done by just anybody. As we’ve said before, trying to DIY, it can lead to faulty systems and even dangerous fire hazards. The good news is that the team at Southern Air & Electrical is highly qualified to get any electrical system set up and properly wired.

We’ve spent decades perfecting the art of setting up and rewiring home additions and remodels, meaning that when you update your home, you can count on our team to get you taken care of. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians know how and where to connect the wires so that you’ll be able to enjoy electricity in every corner of the house.

What’s more, we only use the best quality tools and electrical parts. We care about making sure that you’re getting a long-lasting electrical solution. When you hire us to wire your home, you know that we’re giving you the best wires and using the best methodology to get you set up.

Finally, our team is highly reliable. We’ll always show up when we say we will. That’s because we know how valuable your time is. We respect your time and take it seriously, making sure that we get our job finished in the allotted timeframe so that you can get back to enjoying your home.

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Getting New Electrical Installed


For a 10% discount on your service cost.

The first step to working with the team at Southern Air & Electric is to get in touch with us. We’re available by phone, email, or contact form. That makes us easy to connect with, no matter how you prefer to reach out. No matter how you choose to contact us, our team will get you set up with a consultation so that we can get you an accurate quote for services.


Next, we’ll set you up with an estimate for our services. We take into consideration the layout of your house, the number of rooms that we’ll be wiring, and other factors. Our team will go over all costs with you to make sure that there are no hidden surprises. We care about being transparent and making sure that there are no additional fees you’re unaware of.


Once you’ve agreed and signed off on your estimate, it’s time for us to get to work. We’ll send our technicians out to your home to get started wiring your remodel or home additions. Our team will make sure to show up on time and to get to work right away. We guarantee that we’ll have your electrical wiring job completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.


After your wiring has been set up, we make sure to check in with you. We want to be sure that there are no issues and that everything is working the way that it should. And, if it’s not, we’ll head back to your home to get things squared away. With our follow-up service, you know that your electrical wiring is being handled correctly.


Serving South Nashville, Nolensville and Murfreesboro, TN

The team at Southern Air & Electric prides itself on providing services to local homeowners in Smyrna and Nolensville, Tennessee. Our team has been operating in these towns for years, which is what has given us unique knowledge of how electrical systems function in Tennessee homes. And, it’s what’s enabled us to build our outstanding reputation. Partner with our team, Tennessee’s favorite electrician for home remodels and additions.


Light Up Your Home Additions and Remodels

Are you ready to get your lights switched on, and your electrical appliances working properly in your new home addition or remodel? Reach out to our team, and we’ll get you set up with a quote for electrical wiring in your new spaces!