Navigator's Plan

Keep your home safe with Southern Air & Electric’s Home Maintenance Plan. This plan includes inspections of your electrical, heat, air, and plumbing systems.  HVAC’s are your most expensive appliance in your home, thats why it’s Uber important to protect that investment with Home Maintenance Plan. That’s why we offer our customers a comprehensive inspection of your electrical and plumbing once a year as well as Spring and Fall Tune-ups to ensure your home is operating at it’s peak potential. 

Why Join the Navigator's Club?

A Home Maintenance Plan that saves headache and budget

As homeowners, we all know that the next broken appliance or home disaster is often right around the corner. We wish to prolong the headache (and expense!) of dealing with another fixed utility bill. That’s why at Southern Air & Electric, we decided to put together two maintenance plans that help you avoid the stress of rushed-service calls and thousand dollar bills.

Our two Navigator plans allow for you to cover just some or all of your home utility plans and systems. We provide recurring checks and servicing to your systems to prolong the life and health of each utility, but also offer discounts on additional services for any emergency or remodel based needs.


Included as part of our Navigator Basic plan, all HVAC maintenance and tuneups are covered in this yearly plan.

Spring Tune-Up

  • Inspect Duct Work
  • Clean Outdoor Heat Transfer Coil
  • Check Indoor Heat Transfer Coil
  • Test Refrigerant Charge
  • Inspect Motors, Wheels, and Blades
  • Check & Tighten Electrical Connections
  • Test Temperature & Pressures
  • Test Voltage & Amperage
  • Clean Drain & Trap
  • Inspect Blower Assembly
  • Test Emergency Shut Offs
  • Check Filter
  • Check Thermostat Operations
  • Oil Motors (If Applicable)

Fall Tune-Up

  • Inspect Duct Work
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Inspect Motors & Fans
  • Test All Burners For Proper Operation
  • Test Combustion Exhaust Removal System
  • Inspect Electrical Wiring & Connections
  • Check Safety Switches & Controls
  • Check Temperature & Pressures
  • Test Thermostat Operation
  • Test Emergency Shut Offs
  • Check Fuel Delivery System
  • Inspect Air Delivery System
  • Inspect Gas Line At Water Heater & Heating System Tanks For Leaks
  • Inspect Filters

These additional services included in our Navigator Plus plan.

Electrical Check

  • Check Electrical Panels
  • Exercise Breakers In Panel
  • Inspect Wiring At Each Breaker
  • Inspect & Recommend Surge Protection
  • Test GFI Outlets
  • Check Wiring At AC/Heating Disconnects

Plumbing Check

  • Check Water Pressure
  • Check Emergency Shutoff Valve For Proper Operation
  • Check Proper Ventilation On Gas Water Heater
  • Check Sinks For Leaks and Drainage 
  • Inspect Water Heater

We also offer service consultations via FaceTime or another online remote video chat application. 

Join the club

Navigator Basic

Home Maintenance Plan
$ 11
  • HVAC Spring Tuneup
  • HVAC Fall Tuneup
  • 10% Discount on other Home Services

Navigator Plus

Whole Home Maintenance Plan
$ 24
  • 2 Annual HVAC Tuneups
  • Annual Plumbing Check
  • Annual Electrical Check
  • Water Heater Maintenance
  • 15% on other Home Services

minimum 1 year term