Spring Tune Up Special

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To get the most out of your home’s HVAC units, it’s recommended to service your units at minimum every spring. We offer thorough and helpful HVAC Tune-Ups that help you avoid disaster breakdowns and preserve the life of your unit. 

Spring Tune up - $59.99

Why Go For HVAC Maintenance?

Help your HVAC go the distance.

As homeowners, we all know that the next broken appliance or home disaster is often right around the corner. We wish to prolong the headache (and expense!) of dealing with another HVAC breakdown or servicing. Our Spring & Fall Tune-Up special includes the following key inspection points so that you can maximize your protection and minimize your maintenance costs.

Spring Tune-Up

  • Clean Outdoor Heat Transfer Coil
  • Check Indoor Heat Transfer Coil
  • Test Refrigerant Charge
  • Inspect Motors, Wheels, and Blades
  • Check & Tighten Electrical Connections
  • Test Temperature & Pressures
  • Test Voltage & Amperage
  • Clean Drain & Trap
  • Inspect Blower Assembly
  • Test Emergency Shut Offs
  • Check Filter
  • Check Thermostat Operations
  • Oil Motors (If Applicable)

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We’ll let you know about it, and help you evaluate the urgency of the issue. We always want our customers to make an informed decision so that they can overall maximize the lifespan of their units and save money on their home maintenance costs.

Freon is not included in this service cost, but we do offer discount rates on Freon top-ups and servicing.

We recommend changing your HVAC air filters every 30 days. This helps to maximize the airflow in your ductwork, and reduces the stress placed on your HVAC mechanical parts.